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Glenn Martin DDS EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Bust 'Em Up
    Glenn books a spa weekend for himself and Jackie, but the romantic setup is just a cover for a hidden-camera reality show that tries to break up couples. Elsewhere, Grandpa Whitey gives Conor hunting lessons.

  • Dog Show
    Canine struggles to master new tricks for a dog show, so Glenn considers cloning his childhood pet and entering the clone in the competition.

  • Footlooseball
    Wendy becomes a high-school quarterback in an attempt to make Glenn proud of her. Elsewhere, Conor tries to bring dancing back to a town that's forbidden it.

  • Jackie's Get-Witch-Quick Scheme
    Accusations of witchcraft taint Jackie's family tree, so she tries to prove these claims are wrong. Elsewhere, Glenn and Conor get stranded with some lesser-known members of the Kennedy clan.

  • Tooth Fairy
    Glenn becomes a superhero known as the Tooth Fairy after he loses the ability to feel pain, and Conor tags along with him, acting as his trusty sidekick.

  • Fashion Show
    A trip to New York City includes a modeling stint for Conor and an unexpected detour in the Hudson River for Glenn. Meanwhile, Wendy and Courtney swipe Donald Trump's wig.

  • Step-Brother
    Glenn engages in sibling rivalry with the man who will become his stepbrother after his mom remarries.

  • Life Swap
    Glenn considers switching careers and explores the idea of producing background music. Meanwhile, Conor finds employment throwing fish; and Courtney and Wendy learn what it's like to be sisters.

  • Glenn Martin Christmas Cavalcade
    A dog narrates three holiday tales.

  • Courtney's Pony
    Courtney loves her new pony until she falls off of it, but then she must fight to save it when its life is at risk. Meanwhile, Glenn takes a liking to a realistic-looking doll; and Conor uses a hidden talent to impress a girl.

  • Dad News Bears
    Glenn coaches his son's Little League team. Elsewhere, Courtney worries that she hasn't achieved enough success in life; and Jackie gets revenge on some snobby former neighbors. Ashley Tisdale and Fran Drescher provide guest voices.

  • Volunteers
    The Martins get into the spirit of volunteering while visiting Tennessee. However, Glenn gets jealous of Jackie when she's selected to be a firefighter and he's not. Meanwhile, the kids work at a hospital and get inspired by a patient .

  • Glennhog Day
    A head injury has Glenn thinking every day is his wedding anniversary, and Jackie sees no point in telling him the truth. However, the kids object.

  • Camp, Parts 1 & 2
    Glenn and Jackie work as counselors at a camp, where Conor fights a bully and Courtney and Wendy compete for a boy's attention.

  • Glenn And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance
    Glenn hangs out with a biker gang, and soon he starts choosing the gang over family obligations. Elsewhere, Conor meets an unusual family.

  • Videogame Wizard
    Jackie's video-game addiction resurfaces when she no longer feels valued at home.

  • Date With Destiny
    Drake Stone finds his estranged daughter and thwarts the robbery of a national treasure. Meanwhile, Conor develops a case of pinkeye.
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