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Mystery Incorporated EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Beware The Beast From Below
    The gang investigates when a Sewer Beast starts cocooning people in frozen yogurt.

  • The Creeping Creatures
    The gang check out a ghost town that was once overrun with alligators.

  • Secret Of The Ghost Rig
    A trucker ghost haunts Crystal Cove. Things get weirder when the town's doorknobs go missing, along with a priceless diamond.

  • Revenge Of The Man Crab
    A man-crab creature targets female volleyball players during a tournament at Crystal Cove's beach.

  • The Song Of Mystery
    Children are turned into monsters who terrify their parents by a creature named Que Horrifico.

  • The Legend Of Alice May
    Fred's new admirer is a ghost whose former crushes have all disappeared.

  • In Fear Of The Phantom
    The members of Velma's favorite band are targeted by an evil ghost who's trying to ruin their careers.

  • The Grasp Of The Gnome
    A gnome attacks patrons of the Royal Knights Faire, especially those dressed as pirates.

  • Battle Of The Humungonauts
    Gargantuas terrorize the town while tension splits the gang following a falling-out between Shaggy and Scooby.

  • Howl Of The Fright Hound
    Scooby is wrongly accused of attacking the town and is sent to a hospital for insane animals.

  • The Secret Serum
    The gang track a vampire who's stealing odd items from the townspeople. But their investigation points to a shocking suspect: Daphne's mom.

  • The Shrieking Madness
    The gang visit a college plagued by a creature called Char Gar Gothakon.

  • When The Cicada Calls
    The gang investigate bug attacks against employees of a snack-food company.

  • Mystery Solvers Club State Finals
    The gang compete in a mystery-solving contest for teens.

  • The Wild Brood
    A biker gang ride into town, and Daphne develops a crush on their leader.

  • Where Walks Aphrodite
    A beautiful woman visits town, but she's hiding a sinister secret.

  • Escape From Mystery Manor
    The gang investigate the disappearance of the original Mystery Inc. team, and Crystal Cove's founding family soon fall under suspicion.

  • The Dragon's Secret
    Kung-fu wizards attack the town in search of an exchange student.

  • Night Fright
    Scooby and Shaggy win a chance to dine with their idol, Vincent Van Ghoul.

  • The Siren's Song
    Velma feels left out as her pals pair off.

  • Menace Of The Manticore
    The town's theme park is plagued by a Manticore after the mayor buys a temple off the Internet.

  • Attack Of The Headless Horror
    Fred's idol comes to town to teach biology class.

  • A Haunting In Crystal Cove
    Mayor Jones' home is haunted by a poltergeist, and the gang are on the case to get to the bottom of the mystery.

  • Dead Justice
    An undead cowboy sheriff returns to Crystal Cove, where he once patrolled.

  • Pawn Of Shadows
    The gang make progress on finding out what happened to the original Mystery Inc. team.

  • All Fear The Freak
    The gang finally learn the truth about what happened to the original Mystery Inc. team.
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